Thursday, 6 May 2010

Never ending, but always growing................ Best Friends

Katie Ellis
Yes! This name is of my Best Friend, a life time friend, a fragile person to my heart and my twin. I'll tell you something about us, well when I was 2 years old me and my family moved to Leicester and we became friends at the local church we've been going to we became friends and learnt allot about each other including that our initials are the same ( KJE,KEJ) it was quite freaky and the fact that as we grew one would always be taller than the other but when we got to the age of about 14 we were the same height but then after a year I shot up and we now probably always be taller, I miss my being Kati's height but I am still small.
But because of past experience, I’ve learnt in my life these facts may not stay true, I know I will loose her and I can see the cracks beginning to form.

But on a happy note, last week on the 28th of April this girl became 17. She has finally ended a year of being the 'sweet 16' high school girl that she is and is now growing up...........

She was so happy to finally be the age of 17 as most of her friends around her including me had already had their birthday's, she feels like she's the last one when it comes to this time of year but I always make her feel happy when I find others a phew months younger than her.

She was given three birthday cakes and yummy treats. Her birthday presents consisted of a DVD (Avatar), a book (Burned) and little extras.

                                                             Katie blows out her candles
As Katie is my best friend I thought I’d write a whole post about her, her talents and personality so here is a little late birthday treat for you Katie my best bud.

Me and Kate

Herself (she loves taking her own pics)

Katie looking through a beautiful blooming flower scene

Katie having a rest just before spoting the lovely couple from my recent post 'Summer love' 

Katie holds a replica of a Romans helmet

Katie holds an official shield from the film gladiator

Katie peeps through my ripped uggboots

Katie plays 'New Moon-the meadow' on the piano

Katie and me having a funny photo shoot

Katie's favourite things to draw

Katie (left) stands next to the sand (Leicester) statue

Katie with her 'Baby Jakie'

A letter to Katie:
Katie I want you to know and everyone else who reads this that I don't want those cracks to form or get any bigger. I love you as my best friend and twin (lol). Katie I'm sorry for all those stupid argumentative times and petty mistakes, I know you hate it when I think I’m always right I can see it in your eyes. But I have my dislikes as well. It hurts me when we have silly arguments but we always turn things around and hopefully the cracks will soon start to mould together again.
"I want you to be my Best Friend forever not just for a day"
Love you
Katie Johnson

(All Pictures I have collected from myself and other people for good terms I have not edited the photo's)

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