Friday, 27 August 2010

Abbey park - The Gang Part 3

Coming from the flower garden we headed into the Friendship Garden, In my last post you may notice I sneaked in a couple of the garden already,claire leaning on the little bridge and claire sitting in the 'Pagoda'. The paintings on the ceiling of the Pagoda were painted in Taiwan, but unfortunately because of time I wasn't able to get the shot. But I have to say I love the garden and the Chinese theme, most of the plants have originated from China which gives the garden that special feel. The garden is one place you can sit and relax in especially in the summer time. Another bit of information I did found out was that this year is the garden's 21st anniversary. Anyway after we left the garden we split up, some of the girls wanted to head back to the flower garden and the others wanted to go to the play area. I decided I would go with the girls into the flower garden and would later meet the others. And so here are the photos, Enjoy!

I spotted this bush from a distance I thought I was going crazy, but I got closer and I relised that my mind wasn't playing tricks on me. This bush has a smiley face on it lol, I thought it was so cool and it just made us all smile.

Claire and Natasha trying to pull the same face. Lol, look at the three of you!

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Hey, I hope this is ok by you, but I have used one of your photos for my own blog. I was talking about Abbey Park and how much I enjoy the smiles in the trees. To illustrate I found the third photo from the bottom via google. It was too good! So I have used it, and have put a link to this page under it. I hope thats ok by you? If not, please let me know.

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