Sunday, 5 September 2010

Braunstone park - The Gang Part 1

Ok, so about two days after we went to Abbey park. I took the gang to Braunstone park as my Best Friend loved some of my photo's from my previous post - Good Evening Braunstone Park especially this photo. I wanted her to see the beauty of the park with her own eyes. She had a phew doubts about walking down there, because of some rumours that were going round in the New parks area these lead her to believe she could be unsafe. But I reassured her - well I tried for an hour on the phone the day before, 'obviously' she finally came through. And so we went to Braunstone park, after about 15 minutes Katie seamed to put the rumours behind her. We all could see in her that she knew the park wasn't at all like what people had said and she even said "this park is not bad". I enjoyed the fun we had especially the fun we had on the skateboard area, it was certainly a fantastic day.

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