Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Braunstone Park - The Gang Part 3

ok well here are the last photo's of Braunstone Park. It's took me some time to get my Internet to work but it finally connected today and so I'm back but not for very long as over the next two weeks I'm taking a little Holiday. But as for now I will post the photo's of EFY and maybe some others but any way back to these photo's. Well after we had finished up at the lake we headed for the woods to find Katie's favourite picture which I posted back in July When we reached our destination I took a photo of her in front of the woods,  We then headed into the Braunstone garden behind the little woods which was glowing of greenery and a phew flowers. It began to rain, but we were heading for KFC for a late lunch; we reached KFC just in time before the rain got heavier. Well here are the photo's and well I hope you like them.   

     Katie in front of her fav photo 

   Aww bless, heres Katie under a Max. Height car line truly
    shows how tall she is and how young she looks for her age 

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