Sunday, 10 October 2010

EFY!! - Part 2

During making the blankets I was able to take photos of some of the members of our company either messing around helping with the service project and friendly photo's. After we had successfully completed the blankets we headed for our rooms to get glamoured up for the Formal dance. We had some more photo's then headed for our dinner, finally it was time for the dance. I had a great time and I know many others did too, was a fab night. When we got back to our rooms, I got changed and then some how I ended up in Leah's room and we stayed up till 3 in the morning. Most likely because of the Haribo sweets we were scoffing down lol,When we finally decided it was late enough for us to go to sleep and had eaten all the sweets I headed back to my room and spent another 30 minutes packing for the following early morning leave. And so well here are the photo's Enjoy!!

 Day 5 - Service project

 Day 5 - Friendly photo's

 Day 5 - Dressed and ready for the dance
    Day 5 - Find Jakey still in bed but for the last time
 Day 6 - Early morning, climbing trees

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