Saturday, 13 August 2011

Kelling Heath Holiday - Part 3

Coming from the Army park, I thought it would be nice for Katie to pose in the surroundings of her favourite game Table Tennis. Later in the day we went to the beach and ate dinner whilst enjoying the near by seagulls and beautiful sunset.The very next day we decided to go to Pleaseurewood Hills. I didn't take many photos there as we enjoyed going on the rides and almost dying in the hot weather, in between all this I was trying to get Katie to go on her very first big roller coaster since she previously was scared of them. She finally pulled through in the end and thoroughly enjoyed it. She even went on the roller coaster (WipeOut) twice.

She gets ready....hold on one sec..........She hasn't got a bat.

Kelling Heath - Commemoration statue for it's 25th anniversary of ownership back in 2010
Statue name: Time Flies

Katie pulls some funny poses at the top of a new in door play slide.

Seagulls fly for food at the beach.

Sun begins to set.

John Ellis (Katie's dad) looks out to the horizon.

Enjoying some time and peace by myself.

Pleasurewood Hills - Sea Lion Show 

Goes in for a Kiss. Cute!

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