Saturday, 13 August 2011

Kelling Heath Holiday - Part 4

At Kelling Heath they offer several park activities. Ruth Ellis booked us up for a Nature and Nightjar walk. I wasn't able to capture photos of the Nightjars unfortunately, mainly because I didn't want to risk taking my camera. But the Nature walk, well mainly landscapes, greenery and Kelling Heath's own mini train stop. The following day we went to Sheringham. We caught a beautiful and detailed Steam Train, it is known to be last steam train still running in the UK. What a privilege. The fact that it still maintains many of its original features, gave me a slight impression I was off to Hogwarts.

John's Nature buddy Peter Walton (Pete)

Bottom Pond

Kelling Heath Train stop

Landscape Views

Sheringham Train trip


Duncan D. Horne said...

Nice landscapes. Your train tracks picture is upside-down!

Duncan In Kuantan

Katie said...

I know lol, I put it that way as it's unusual and different.

As part of the photography course, we looked at Upside-down photography. So I incorporated a bit of that into the photo. I guess it's a different point of view that we never get to see.