Monday, 15 August 2011

3 months + 3 days = 3 weeks of 3 adorable little miracles...

4 weeks ago these little miracles entered our lives. After wanting a pet for so long but not being able to afford all the expenses we finally had a break through from a report on radio Leicester. The RSPCA put out a plea for Cat and Kitten fosterer's. My mum conferred with us and obviously we didn't hesitate. Three months later a representative of the RSPCA visited our home and interviewed us. Three days later we received a phone call to confirm that we would be fostering and looking after three kittens for the total of three weeks. Since then they have been from shy to excited to loveable little monsters. Here are some photos from when they first came, they are 6-8 weeks old here and so tiny. We went through many nicknames for them so here you go........

She doesn't like to get involved in cat fights, she prefers to watch from a particular height or safe zone. She wouldn't be the first to do something she would wait till the others try it out first. She loves to hide under the sofa and will happily stay there for hours on end. She can be very shy and timid, but when no one is looking she is very mischievous. She loves to snuggle up with my mum, always seeking attention when it comes to wanting to be stroked or rubbed.

She is the naughty one out of the three, she scratches and climbs here way up walls, she loves to discover new places and is very daring to try new things. 
She would rather stay awake and play than have a nap with the others. And is always the first one to cry for food. She can jump the highest out of the three and loves to play with bells and foil balls. She reminds me of Claire because of all the trouble she can get up to but yet still looks so innocent but devious at the same time.

She is the lazy one but loves to scrap with Goldie, when Goldie is happily playing by herself Silver will pounce right on her back and then the cat fight starts. She loves the Camera and enjoys looking at herself in the mirror. Though she doesn't eat much she can get a little fat but burns it off after running around all excited. 
She loves sleeping and lying next to me when i'm on the computer, watching the screen as I either browse or edit my photos. She also loves to watch Harry Potter with Claire, we are not sure why but she will always sit and happily watch the HP films but nothing else. 

Other Photos of Tinka/Silver

Group photos of the Kittens

Tinka/Silver is the most photogenic, she was fascinated by the camera :)


Katie Ellis said...

Awww sooo soo cute. I love those little fur balls. I miss them :(

Katie said...

Same but at least we have these cute photos to remember them by :)