Friday, 9 September 2011

Moving on.....

As you may have noticed I've tweaked bits of my blog here and there, this is mainly because I have a brand new camera which I have previously told you about. I have moved on from my small simple silver digital camera and is now in possession of an SLR digital camera. I loved it at first sight and has since been saving up for one and well now I have it.

The colour 'Beige' which I have incorporated into my blog is a resemblance of my growth and love for photography. Brand new and improved photos will start to appear and I hope those of you who check out my blog will enjoy them as much as I do. Through this I hope you can also see the passion I have for this area of art.

Coming soon!

What a blessing...

 The Little Knights

Molly's Birthday Party

Johnson's go home.....

.....and more of the Kittens

Keep your eye out :)

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