Sunday, 11 September 2011

What a blessing...

On August 4th, me along with my family had the chance to visit the Temple in London. It was the first time in along time that we were all able to go as a family despite the fact my brother was away on his mission in Canada. 

It was very important to us that we could attend the temple on this specific day as it was the day of my brothers birth. It was like a little family tribute to him. We found out a week later that my brother was able to visit the local temple in Canada on the same day which was very ironic and special too. What a blessing that we could attend the lords house as a family it was truly amazing.

Natasha, hugging my favourite tree on the Temple grounds

Rebekah finds some slugs


Duncan D. Horne said...

lovely pictures! And how nice for all your family to be at the temple on that day!

Katie said...

It certainly was an experience we'll remember, despite the weather :)