Friday, 30 March 2012


As you may have noticed Katie e Johnson Photography has had a make-over! There are a lot of changes I've wanted to make to my blog for a while, but I always find myself returning to my original layout. Setting a future date for the full make-over of my blog really did help as I prepared several things in advance.

So just outlining the changes there are now 6 pages instead of the original 1 page. These are as follows...

- Home: Features all usual posts, photos and updates.
- My Verbal Photography!: Insight of my passion for photography and lifestyle.
- Testimonials: Displaying the kindest of words from viewers and customers, showcasing their favourite photo from my work.
- Portfolio: An easy way to view specific topics/posts that range from the opening of my blog.
© All rights reserved: reserved rights regarding the usage of my photos.
- Get In Touch: Giving viewers the opportunity to contact me.

So with the transformation of Katie e Johnson Photography comes some good news. As previously mentioned in my additions post my brother is soon to be home from his 2 year mission in Canada. Soon meaning less than 11 hours now. 11 hours you say yes that's right, it's flown by even the last two weeks which I personally thought would drag. As you can guess me and my family are all very excited for his return. You may think it's quite sad but admittedly we are tracking his second flight as we speak. I can confirm his plane has been in the air for 47 minutes and has a further 70 minutes till he lands at he next airport. From there he will catch his last and final flight, a time duration of 7 hours and 10 minutes.

So anyway here is the new banner for my blog, topping off the completion of it's make-over. I hope you all like the new look and come to love the new layout :D

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