Thursday, 5 April 2012

Brothers Homecoming...

So as I mentioned in my last post, I and the family were tracking my brothers flights as he was on his way home from a 2 year LDS based mission. Serving in Winnipeg, Canada.

After I posted the 'Make-over' post I was up for another 2 hours and eventually caved in for my sleep. The following morning having set my alarm for 4am I got up and started to make preparations for the 'Welcome Home' get together party. Sticking up the window banner, fetching the pre-ironed 'Team Chris' T-shirts, typing in advance texts and saving them to drafts for when we had our brother in our arms. It was very exhilarating to think that none of which was going to happen did my brother know of.

Our lift, which was by the lovely Aaron Toogood who arrived at 5:45am. We then made our way down to the airport and walked into the arrivals. Tracking his last flight on my phone found that he would soon be landing within the next 6 minutes. We could visibly see where the planes would be landing and taking off, in fact during the time we waited at least 3 planes took off. After finding out that the first two planes would be delayed, our brother's flight would be the first one to land of the day. Soon after, we saw his plane land and passengers started to come through arrivals. After 737 days of interesting emails, awesome photos and hilarious stories the adrenaline certainly kicked in.

Then it was it, there he was with his big suitcase in one hand small suitcase in the other. Walking up the little arrivals ramp, with his head down and smile on his face he was finally home. It was the most happiest moment of our lives, the Johnson family back together again.

Thanks gran, for this beautiful photo of us as a family

Very special thanks to my dads work friend Gayle Hunkin for this amazing cake!

Words that are stuck in my head...

"you did it, you did it" - Mum

"It was like a running race, everyone else was the audience and his family and friends were at the finish line" - Aaron Toogood

"What did you do to your hair" - Chris (with sarcasm and gesturing towards me)
"Dyed it red" - Me (laughing)

"Who the first person you saw?" - Dad 
"Katie, with that" - Chris (pointing to my hair)

"I've cut my fringe short" - Claire
"Your Huge!!" - Chris (gesturing towards Claire)
"You can't say that" - Mum (with sarcasm)
"I meant like that....height" - Chris (moving his arm up and down, symbolizing height) 


Duncan D. Horne - the Kuantan blogger said...

Hi Katie, lovely family pictures! Those 2 years flew by! It's good to see your dad, I miss him. Pass on my regards to him please :)

Katie said...

Thank you Duncan, the years have certainly flown by and will pass on the message :)

Kate Ellis said...

"Your huge" hahaha

I didn't know you had a cake, where's my piece ;) Really feeling the Johnson love in these pics. Good job!