Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Butlins 2011 - Part 6

After taking two days out of my holiday for myself, without my camera and just simply spending time with the family. On Thursday morning, our 7th day of our Butlins holiday, my camera was back in business. Starting the day with the traditional morning walk with my cousins, we made our way to the sandy football pitch where they of course wanted to play football.

Typically I was wearing the wrong shoes to play football as it was quite hot that morning, so I sat at the side chearing on both teams. Just as our parents arrived I was in the middle of takening a photo of the blue morning sky.

Mum came and sat near me and I filled her in on scores, once we were all hungry we left for breakfast. Passing the Volkswagen bus and Beach chair scenary, Claire, Mum and Dad had wanted some photos taken on both especially Dad. So I thought I might as well do them as we where here and it was such a gorgeous day.

Mum just being her normal self... 

...Cousins and sis have a kick about on the pitch...

...Smile your going to the Skegness Beach...

...Claire. Driving. No she's just pretending...

...Mum: "does the photographer want a photo"
Me: "nah it's cool"
Mum: "go on otherwise we're not gonna have any of you this holiday"
Me: "Ok fine" :)...! 

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