Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Butlins 2011 - Part 7

After breakfast we headed back to the chalet and I thought since it was the last full day I could capture some of the main features of Butlins, that have been there ever since I was little. The accommodation, fair, Skyline Pavilion, arcade, beach, breakfast areas, nursery, outdoor and indoor play areas.

Later on after swimming, I asked my family for a photo outside the skyline pavilion, despite the fact I took about ten photos, this one was the best one. The wind was blowing quite hard so that's why everyone looks a bit windswept. Also mum and dad were talking at the time even though I'd told them off a few times, but ah well, it's a good photo nonetheless. Then of course my auntie suggested a photo of me with my sis and parents, as it was 'one of the first family holidays without Chris'.

Then just before we went into the 'end of Butlins holiday show' I noticed the beautiful evening sunset as we walked from the chalet to the skyline. I know my best friend loves sunsets so I just had to capture this moment especially for her. 

The End

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Katie Ellis said...

AWESOME PICS!!!! So sweet of you to take pics of the sunset for me, you know me so well :) xxx