Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Bee Happy :D

Whilst in the editing process of Bethan's and Claire's mini shoot, I came across this image of a bumble bee that I'd shot in one of our small breaks. Appearing to look quite restless or just simply sun bathing, this little guy faces trials just like any of us.

So next time when your feeling down, tired or just having an unpleasant day. Just take a break, think of the bee and put a smile on your face because after all we're all in this together.

This photo is the original and was just to perfect to edit. 
Just a little hint that you don't always need the power and effects of Photoshop.

I seem to relate to bee's: Busy Bee
Mini Shoot Taster: Bethan and Claire (Taster)


Beryl Cain said...

Lovely Photo Katie

Katie said...

Thanks Beryl :)

Liesel Ashwell said...

Yep. I can relate to this Katie

Katie said...

I know what you mean Liesel, Just keep smiling :) xx