Thursday, 23 August 2012

A-Level Results - So what did I get?

So as you may know my college years are over, I have completed not 2 but 3 years of hard work over a variety of courses, that including of course my most favourite, photography. As I have mentioned in previous posts, I stated that I would post this years photography exam pieces along with my A-Level Results when I had received them. Yes this post is a week late due to some technical problems that fortunately were fixed by Tuesday.

Also as it's the summer holidays, I intend to just take this time to unwind and relax, enjoying time for myself and with the people I love. But luckily today I found the time to get my work and post up for you all to see, so guys enjoy and I'm sorry for the wait.

WARNING!! - Some photos might scare some viewers if your not into the whole horror theme!

My Chosen Exam Topic
Below are my experimentation and preparation shots, covering a wide variety of themes. This helped me find  what themes I wanted to base my final prints on and what routes I needed to take in order for me to achieve just that. 

Experimentation & Preparation 
Models - Claire Johnson, Vicky Robinson and Katie Ellis

Gerbera Flower
Snow White
Twilight and Breaking Dawn
Playful Input by Models 

For my final pieces I decided to choose two themes, the first showcasing gestures through the types of feelings and emotions that and individual could experience. The second representing a different type of emotional behaviour when going through change, in this case mutation.

Gesture Photo Shoot 1
Model - Vicky Robinson


Gesture Photo Shoot 2
Model - Katie Ellis


So I guess now your wondering what result I got for this years photography!
Before I say that here is a little back story. Earlier this year I applied for a local university to continue my further education in photography. Yes only one university! In the early hours of A-Level Results Day I and several other students across the UK were able to find out whether we had been accepted onto our applied courses, even before knowing our results. 

After many countless weeks waiting, I can proudly say that not only was I accepted at De Monfort University in Leicester! I went and did one better than last year and got myself a big fat grade......
In my other course IT, I achieved a Double Distinction equalling to two A's 

Taking this all into account I just have to thank not only my beautiful models Claire, Vicky and Katie but for all the teachers who worked off their butts in supporting not only myself but for all the students of Sixth Form New College!!! Especially Mr Burman and Mr Fisher my photography teachers!

...and most of all a big thank you to all of you who take the time to check out my photos!

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