Tuesday, 2 April 2013

This time it's real, this time it's official...

Well this project has been in the running for a while now, nearly 2 years in fact. But I could never push it in the direction I wanted until now.

After the launch of the 'Behind the Scenes' website/blog back in 2011. It was clear, in the end, that it was going to be a shared domain. It was good at the time but progression is what I aim for and so here it is.

After many weeks of construction, processing and preparation I now have a brand spanking new website that is live and available NOW!

Just want to thank the 'KeJP tester team' and the Katie e Johnson Photography beta. With out them none of this would be possible.

Just click the photo below and this will take you to the new site.
*Note* More photos will be added to the new site over time.


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