Monday, 24 June 2013

Amy and Eanna - Part 1

During the Easter Holidays I was approached by Amy Kerr (a church friend), she asked me if I could do a shoot for her and her niece Eanna. I was happy too! However at the time I was very busy, due to my final university hand in date, just around the corner.

Later on, after I looking at my schedule for the week, I noticed I had a day free. So the shoot was on!

When it came to editing the photos I was half way through them, when my laptop happened to wipe itself, out of the blue. All photos were gone. Thanks to myself and my trusty SD card, I still had the whole shoot. I don't tend to delete anything until the shoot is fully edited and my customers are satisfied. So with that in mind it has taken me twice as long to get these photos finally edited and posted.

I have to thank both Amy and Eanna for there constant patience and support as I know they wanted to see their photos as much as I wanted to show them. So with out further ado here they are!

Amy and Eanna - Part 2
Coming soon!

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