Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Shutterbugs Freshers

I've been planning this blog post for almost over 6 months. I've finally, not only got round to making it, but I've gathered enough information needed to show off some young and beautifully talented ladies within the photography world.

This post is all about fresh young photographers that have either been around for a while or just started out and looking to further grow their love and passion for photography as much as me. I have been able to watch and view each photographer grow, through their work, personalities, and well as a special treat just for you they've allowed me to ask them a few questions about there love for photography. So first up is Sophie Clarke.

Sophie Clarke 
From 'Sophie Clarke Photography' 

Age: 15
Favourite Quote: "Believe in your dreams even when they seem lost" - Hayley Williams 
Based: Leicester, UK 

How long have you been taking photographs?
"About 3 years"

How long has your page been up and running?
"8 months in 3 days"

What or who started your interest into the world of photography?
"I don't know.....I guess I've always had an interest in the 'art world' ever since I was a little girl and well photography just falls under that"

Are there any photographers that you just look at and think 'Wow! I want to be like her/him'?
"erm...I think that about some of your work. But I love Craig Jones work, he's what I want to be! A Wildlife Photographer.....Oh and I also love Alan Sanders work."

What do you want people to think or feel when viewing your work?
"I want them to feel apart of a beautiful world, I want them to see a different side to the world that they live in. I would like them to think 'WOW' when they see my photographs (This is mainly when I become a Wildlife Photographer I hope)"

Are there any tips you would like to share to those photographers who are starting out with their own love for taking photographs?
"Hmmm, all I'd say is, Don't look at other photographers work and then feel as if your work isn't as good and never will be, keep on trying; you'll become a great photographer. Photography takes time and patience!"

To visit Sophie's photography page click the link below!

Emma-Louise Davie
From 'Emma-Louise Davie Photography'

Age: 13
Favourite Quote: "You aren't what you see in the mirror. There is more there." - Hayley Williams
Based: Aberdeenshire, Scotland

How old were you when you started to realise you loved taking photos?
"I was about 11 years old when I realised I liked going out and about, taking photographs."

What initially interested you into the world of photography?
"It's the idea of being able to travel anywhere, taking photos, visiting places and seeing new things. I like to think photos are a permanent visual of our memories, though they do not move, they still manage to make us feel everything we did when taking the shot. The adventures of what photography brings are great too!"

Do you try to portray a meaning or a story behind each photo?
"Yeah I do. Sometimes I'll look at something and think, 'Oh, there is so much more to that than most people would see because it's all about imagination!"

Do you have a favourite thing or scene you love to photograph?
"I love to take close ups (macro shots) and landscapes, also if the sky is looking particularly nice I won't hesitate to take a photo of it."

What or who motivates you to continue taking photographs?
"Sometimes my family motivate me, but it's mostly out of my own interest. Some days I will just really really want to get out there and take loads of photos. I also go to my schools Camera Club (TBS: Turiff Photography Society) which motivates me a bit."

Would you say seeing other people's work, that you love, fires up the spark within you to get out and create your own?
"Yes, it does, quite a bit actually! Art also inspires me, I'm a big lover of art. Vincent Van Gogh is amazing, some of his work really inspires me. I love his paintings and if i'm looking for inspiration, quite often I will turn to his work and then all of a sudden ideas just seem to pop into my head."

Do you consider photography to be a hobby or even a potential career for you in the future?
"Definitely a potential career, but right now it's a hobby. When I leave school I'd love to make a career out of it."

What advice would you give to those of your age, starting to create their own pieces of art?
"I'd just say, don't ever be afraid to let your imagination run wild! Obviously, don't do anything that could get you into trouble, but if you see something that you think is interesting and might make a good photo, take the damn photo! You never know how amazing it will turn out to be. Then if you really like it, you should share it and be proud of your work!"

To visit Emma-Louise's photography blog click the link below!

Katie Ellis
From 'Katie J Ellis - My Life'

Age: 20
Favourite Quote: "Some of the biggest mistakes you make in life are out of love" - 90210
Based: Leicester, UK

When did you first start taking photographs?
"Well I first started taking photography seriously when I opened up my own blog. So judging from my very first blog post I'd say since May 2010."

What captured your interest into creating your own photography work and setting up a blog?
"Well I suppose it was because of my best friend. She got me interested in the whole photography and blog making. I saw her amazing photos on the blog she had created and decided I wanted to do the same."

Have you always had a love for photography?
"In some ways yes. I've never liked being in front of the camera, but when it comes to taking them I've always volunteered just so I don't have to be in them."

What do you enjoy most about creating art in the form of photographs?
"Capturing moments and making them last forever."

Do you edit your photographs as soon a you get your hands on a computer or do you feel you have to be in a state of mind or zone to edit them?
"Definitely have to be in the mood. I can't sit and edit for hours if I'm not motivated to do so. Not unless I know the pictures are going to turn out amazing!"

On average how long does it take you to edit each photograph from a single shoot?
"About 20 minutes for just a simple photo. If I want to do more to the image, like having half in Black and White and then the other half in colour then it's more like 1-2 hours."

Do you have any advice for other photographers when editing their photographs and getting in the zone to do so?
"I would let them know to just take their time. Don't rush editing, try out each tool and see what works best. If you have shot a lot of images covering the same scene then just choose the best ones. I also find time goes much quicker when your sat listening to music. That's a good motivator right there."

To visit Katie's photography blog click the link below!

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