Sunday, 19 July 2015

Prom Princess: Double Rainbow

Chapter 4.
Double Rainbow

Not much later, Claire's best friend Bethan arrived in a beautiful dress lined with layers of different coloured material, complemented with a white and silver Venetian mask. Polishing off her prom look she wore silver glittered heals and curled hair pinned to the side leaving the hair to drape over her left shoulder.

Both looking beautiful and both with high excited spirits, looking forward to their evening together, commemorating the end of a very short part of their lives and moving on to begin their next. The best part about it all is they get to share it together, as soul sisters, as best friends just like a double rainbow.

Moments like these are often brushed aside or not celebrated as much as they should be. Proms, Balls, Grades or Graduations are all put in place to cherish, recognise and celebrate our achievements. I'm just so happy that I was able to photograph these stunning ladies before they went off to enjoy their special celebratory evening.

A beautiful end and beautiful beginning!

The End.

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