Monday, 12 July 2010

'Jake' my favourite name

A name-is given to you usually the minute your born
A name-becomes your personal address
A name-will be with you through childhood and life
A name-will identify you as you

But I know a name that links friends together that name is Jake! Me and my Best Friend Katie Ellis have always loved the name Jake (well most of our lives). But it links me and her together in a certain way, we both have a little cuddly lion with names that have originated from the name Jake. Katie's lion is called Jakie, my lion is also called Jakey but just spelt differently. If we both had a son I guess that we would both definitely would both be named on the lines of Jake.

But I have a friend who is named Jake and this little guy (from what I've heard) can properly say the names Mum, Dad and Katie. He is very active and loves to be around his Family and friends, He is so charming and fun to play with. One afternoon I visited him and took some snap shots for his parents and so here they are.......

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