Monday, 3 January 2011

Meet Cooro!!

As I have read and followed this lovely little guy's journey I have seen what Life and Adventure is really about and in some ways what it truly means to me. I love the fact of being able to learn about other +Anima beings through his mind and seeing through his eyes.
On his journey he meets and makes lots of new friends but quickly enough he creates his own little gang which includes a Fish, Bear and a Bat +Anima. They must face unknown enemy's, trials and even sticking together as a group can be hard. But through all this comes the best and fun moments of life and thats where adventure comes in. Great book series and I recommend it to any Anime or Manga lovers! :) 

Meet my dear fiction Friend Cooro

"Cooro (クーロ Kūro?), born August 3 in the 331st year of the Astarian calendar, is a crow +Anima, and can summon black feathered wings from his back and use them to fly. Cooro is naive, a bit absent-minded, and slow to make decisions. He tends to honor people's decisions, to the point that if people tell him to go away or to leave them alone, he will do exactly that and won't pursue them. However, he is optimistic and always cheerful......."
Wikipedia +Anima Characters  

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