Tuesday, 4 January 2011

My holiday in Egypt - Part 5

2nd day - Still lol, just hot hot HOT!!

We all (the whole mini-bus) thought this was the last stop so I took a photo of me a Claire sweating buckets literally. It was so hot this day, there's just no words to describe it. My face I have to say in this picture looks swollen and Claire is so flushed.  


Duncan D. Horne said...

Well Katie, looks like you had a great adventure in Egypt! Were you there just for holiday, and what made you choose Egypt?

Katie said...

Well my mum had been wanting to go Egypt since she was little.

She was already saving money just as a back up for anything that might come up. But then one year my Gran flew to Egypt and lived there for 2 years. And found a Boyfriend, when she returned Gran and mum got talking about plans to go away for a holiday to Egypt.

It was just going to be them too, but Claire is also a super fan of Egypt so she got in on the holiday excitement too. And well in the end I wanted to go some where new and so this was a perfect opportunity.

So my mum started adding to her savings in 2005, with money from baby sitting other children, Christmas money/Birthday money, Claire and me contributed to the fund too and well eventually back in 2008 we had the money for us to go to Egypt that year. Unfortunately we canceled as we thought we were rushing into it too quick. So we tried booking for 2009 but by then the price had increased.

We didn't know at that time, but later that year the wall in our front garden was knocked down by some unwelcome students. so we needed to pay a little to that. But finally the tickets were booked and rooms in Egypt had our names on them for 2010s holiday of a life time :)

p.s. first week was mainly the holiday, the 2nd week was too visit Gran's boyfriend and family :)

ste tomkinson said...

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