Thursday, 28 April 2011

1 year later and she's officially an adult!

After another amazing year, Katie Ellis has experienced many things bringing her close to fulfilling her dreams. Most of which include traveling across the world to America, attending a Paramore concert, being in the same room/presence of the complete band of Paramore, buying one expensive item of clothing shipping its way from america, experiencing London from the 'London Eye', getting her adrenaline pumping in the red arrows simulator, seeing The Lion King Musical in theatre production, learning to enjoy a camera whether she's in front or behind and having a laugh with friends. Katie has experienced so much in this past year and has been a wonderful person in many different aspects of religion and life. Living up to her favorite quote "live life to the full"

My life, My twin, My Best Friend. It's been a fantastic 16 years of knowing her and being by her, I love you Katie forever and always, you are my only exception. HAPPY 18TH BIRTHDAY!!!! <3 xx :)

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