Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Butlins 2011 - Part 1

After 3 years missing out on our yearly reunion with the family at Butlins we finally made it this year. No matter which Butlins Resort we go to they all feel like home, well I've always viewed it as my second home ever since I was little. The best part, as it says on the advert is coming back year after year after year. Growing up watching each campus blossom with people and activities makes each holiday even better.

For the first three days it was just me, my sister, my mum and my dad, the rest of the family would arrive on the fourth day to join us.When I was 5, me, my brother and my dad would take morning walks through the campus enjoying the peace and quiet. You would see staff adding the final touches to the breakfast areas and shops getting ready for the day ahead. It was such an event for us as a family to go on morning walks we made it a tradition. So here are some photos of just me and Claire taking the morning walk on Butlins 2011 Holiday.

Main walk to the Skyline Pavilion (Big tent in the background lol) 

Claire in the Blue Volkswagen camper-van (Stage/Set)

Mega Treats sweet shop!

I just pass for the secret entrance hahaha and I'm an adult 

Claire finds some new leather sofas replacing tables and chairs

Claire's favourite money spending ride, she was so happy to see it was still there

Just one section of the ceiling in the Skyline Pavilion 

One pillar that helps hold the huge tent up 

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