Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Elements Of Colour!

At the time, I never even thought of the endless possibilities and enjoyment that these shots would give me. I literally could have gone on for hours so don't be surprised if I ever come back with a new version of this image. Yes again it's my sister modelling the beautiful Venetian Mask. This time removing the colour and making white the main tone to the image. Then with each photo, adding a little something to make each one individual.

Negatives: Sin, Guilt, Pain, Blood and Anger
Positives: Passion, Love, Devotion, Compassion and Courage

Negatives: Shallow, Cold, Sadness, Depressed and Dreary  
Positives:  Peace, Calm, Friendly, Pure and Tranquillity

Negatives: Mourning, Toxic, Scarce, Stress and anxiety 
Positives: Royalty, Dignity, Noble, Delicacy and Wise

Just thought I'd mention that these photos alone, took me a grand total of 6 hours and 30 minutes to complete. Making sure the quality of each image were balanced out, to complement the other.

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Katie Ellis said...

Beautiful!! Claire is stunning <3