Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Venetian Mask Beauty

As a start to my Butlins posts. I thought I'd single these shots out, as they have come to be a phew of my favourite images. At the time I wasn't really in the mood of taking these photos as we had just arrived on the resort campus and was tired from travelling. But Claire just looked so stunning in the Venetian Masks that were being sold in one of the stores, that after much consideration over whether to take the shots something hit me and my photography urge kicked in.

Here is an example of the steps that my images go through, minus the original image. As I spoke in a previous post on this photo I was looking for a spooky effect. Using a sepia tone added with the seemingly ghostly radial blur, then finally adding a texture that introduces an old fashioned feel. 

Was heading for a Moonlight/House Of Night effect on this photo. For those of you who are not familiar with either, Moonlight is an american vampire TV series and House Of Night is a teens book series.

This time going with the similar effects as the first image but with a splash of colour.

 Removing colour to the background and singling out the eye features I try to capture the main centre and outline of her eye. Then adding swirls, a mix of colours and a focus blur I think it works just right.


Katie Ellis said...

W.O.W. GORGEOUS!!! Well worth the wait :D

Katie said...

Thank you so much, You'll like my next post :)