Friday, 14 October 2011

Butlins 2011 - Part 2

After the morning walk & breakfast, me and Claire went back to our room. Whilst I had a shower Claire relaxed in bed and watched some T.V. Once I was nice and fresh ready for the day I thought I might as well take some photos of our chalet that we were staying in (hence the camera case on my bed in the first photo). When mum and dad arrived back from breakfast we had a look at the activity booklet to see what was on and the times. Claire wanted to see the Loony Toons show that was going to be held in the REDS. While we waited we went into the skyline and watched the Billy Bear show which was quite fun for the younger generation, but was still entertaining for those (like me) who love the childish theme. It just gives that extra drum of the heart-homey-excitement feeling. We then spotted in the activity book that an animal show was going to start in the next 15 minutes over near the arcade so we made our way over. There was a small cue but we made it inside with good seats too. Claire was able to stroke a Meerkat, though she previously had held one during the summer up at Beaumont Leys Shopping centre. Mum then was chosen to hold a Snapping Turtle which she thought was a really good experience.

Finally we made it to the Loony Toons show. It was quite funny because at the time, I was wearing a Paramore t-shirt; the red coat who was presenting the show asked 'why do you have a heart on your top trapped inside a mouse trap'. I pointed at the statement above the image on my shirt which said 'None of it was ever worth the risk', The explanation I gave him was 'Because they Rock' he just said 'so true'. Well I now know there's a red coat at Butlins who likes Paramore eek! Any ways here are the photos :)

Claire relaxing, watching t.v. in our room...

...Mum and Dads room

Mirror photography, self portrait 

Sitting in the skyline...

Credits: Dad :) Cheers 

Billy Bear

Claire strokes a Meerkat 

Mum holds a Snapping Turtle 

Loony Toons show 

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