Friday, 14 October 2011

Butlins 2011 - Part 3

After the Loony Toons show we had lunch and then made our way over to the New Giant Beach Corner. An incredible adventure for those who like to express there photography skills and talents. The area is open to everyone who is within the resort and was supposedly given to Butlins by a giant, for the use of enjoyment and family fun. Again the aspect of the story is aimed at children, but what a wonderful set. All these photos are taken without any direction from me, we simply expressed the love, unity, fun, devotion and wildness of who we are as a family...

....and that's just it no matter what people think or say the Johnson Family is an awesome family to be not only a member of, but 'I'm' certainly proud of....

Butlins it's a magical place!

....and at heart I will always be a Johnson not only in this life, but in the next and forever ♥

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