Sunday, 16 October 2011

Butlins 2011 - Part 4

After three days of holiday and the peace of it just being us four. The rest of the family came to join us, which was exciting for all of us. I guess the best part for me was waiting to see which one of my uncle's and their families would get here first. At the time of there arrival we were playing snooker in the Green Baize...
...Later on after dinner I went with the rest of the family, over to the Beach Corner. The adults had a chat, whilst I took some photos of my cousins having a mess around on the set. Natasha the only female cousin I have is a little star in the making, she loves being photographed and wanted to be taken against everything in the Beach Corner. Directing me were she wanted to be, what she wanted to be in front of and sometimes which angle I should take it from. When she's older I know she will become whatever she chooses to be and she will profit from who she is as an individual.


Kovács Miklós said...

Hahaha..Funny pictures!
Where were you? In giant's country?
Cheers Miklos

Katie said...

Hahaha I suppose you could call it that :)Thanks