Wednesday, 26 October 2011

New Website Now Open *with some minor changes*

Ok, so exactly a month today I posted a small preview video of my 'Brand New Website'. There has been a lot of thought and discussion over the way it should look and appear. You'll notice the video depicts a slightly different looking website but it has since been changed and developed into what we think looks more appealing and professional. The website needed to be a little more user friendly with the KeJohnsonPhoto beta, as my 'KeJP tester team' found it a little confusing to work with. So the wait is over and you can now access the 'Behind The Scenes' Website just click on the photo below and enjoy!   

Special thanks to Katie Ellis for her direction and development help that went into the process of making this website what it is. Visit her blog Here!
Also a special thanks to the 'Tester Team' and there efforts and time towards the further development of the site. And thanks to all of you guys for coming back and checking out my blog your all awesome! and it means a lot.

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