Monday, 6 February 2012

5 years today!

5 years ago this very day and date, me and my family received news that our beloved grandmother/mother had passed away.

It was very ironic that she has passed not only on her birthday, turning the age of 74, but that it was only 3 months later that Hyrum Johnson my cousin was brought into the world. But I'm sure my gran would have loved him all the same.

On the very day of my grandmother passing I personally wasn't to well, having been sick with a cough and a cold over the weekend. I was collected from school by my mother after throwing up in the girls toilets on the monday, I can distinctively remember walking home hand in hand with my mum as she told me the events of that sad dreary day.

Dad hadn't yet received the news at the time, as he was busy at work in several meetings. My uncle and my mum had been trying to contact him all morning, in the event that it was my grans birthday my dad had planned to visit her after work but of course it was too late.

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