Saturday, 4 February 2012

Botanical Gardens

I have been meaning to post these photos since last October. So sorry for the delay.

After editing and finishing off the selected photos, I was ready to post them finally this Tuesday, unfortunately I had a problem with a couple of the images.

On Wednesday after a couple of attempts to load up my internet to access my blog, I gave in and left it till Thursday.

Thursday came and I was to busy to even get onto a computer.

So finally today with perfectly saved images, internet access and a fully operational computer I can finally post the images I have been so longing to share with you guys.

Ok so here is some background info....

Last September was the beginning of a new college year. New course units, camera at the ready and a fresh new start. For photography our assigned project was entirely our own, choosing an area and subject of photography that we could create and develop. After a one to one discussion with my subject tutor, I was given the advice to head out on a visit to The Botanical Gardens in Leicester. Taking my Brand New SLR Camera, my photography partner Katie Wade, and then inviting my sister Claire and my best friend Katie Ellis we set a date and took a visit to the Leicester Botanical Gardens.

During the week the weather wasn't looking so good but when the day came it was perfect for shoot. Experimenting with ideas and just snapping photos of my friends it was a very fun learning experience, not only developing my skills but helping my partner develop her own.

Other Photos from this visit will be posted at a later date, during this time they will be entered as part of my photography course work.  

Coming Soon!
Last Friday Night

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