Thursday, 23 February 2012


Well after some experimenting with new gadgets and looking at new things for the revamping of my blog around April-May time. I have added a phew new things already to slowly get the ball rolling for the months a head. You may notice that there is now a Countdown Clock to the right of my blog, and in which it displays how many days, hours, minutes and seconds to when my brother Christopher Johnson will return home from serving a 2 year mission in Canada. So proud of him and really looking forward to his return.

Secondly, You can now follow my blog by email! yes that's right by email. So by typing in your email address into the 'Follow KeJohnsonPhoto's by Email' gadget located on the right side you will receive my most recent updates via email, instantly.

And lastly after so many delightful comments over the past year, from you guys I have added a gadget that will display your testimonials, comments, acknowledgements and any other form of credit. They are all very much appreciated, and the best ones always come at the time when I need the encouragement the most. 

But out of all of the them, that I have received in the 2 years this blog has been running, I have never received such an amazing, thoughtful statement of appreciation towards me and my photography work. This is by 'Klayton Quash' from the Caribbean. Who I have never met and is such a regular viewer of my blog, 

"I really love Katie Johnson's Photography, because you can see how she captures the essence of the beauty of her snaps. The editing part is just amazing, have you guys seen the red flower she's absolutely fantastic!

Katie has a way of bringing out the elegance in the photos she takes, not only her pics are just grand but it takes a person with pure creativity and imagination to do what she does.

I'd say she's a professional in what she does, you could see the time/work she puts out in one photo, not to mention the loads she has.....she's just good I guess! If I had one wish I'd love to meet her.

Really and truly Kay your one in a million at what you do!"

Thanks again Klayton! for sticking with me. It's been a very rough ride and I couldn't begin to tell you how much this statement means to me. 

Coming Soon!
 Winter Wonderland - Sister by Blood, Sister by Love


Katie Ellis said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! What a sweetie Klayton is :) Liking the comments very much! Also that count-down clock is a good idea, can tell you really miss him. xx

Katie said...

Thanks Katie! Klayton is such a sweetie it's so true. Really can't wait till Chris returns just want him home safe a sound and having the family back together again will feel so right :)xx