Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Winter Wonderland - Fosse Recreation Ground

Here's a little background information, so you already know that on the 5th of February we had snow but besides the weather it was a Sunday.

Now normally on a Sunday I would get up, have my breakfast, wash my face, brush my teeth squeaky clean and begin getting ready for Church. But because of the weather, around about 6am my mum received a phone call from the bishop stating that church was to be cancelled. This then put me in a position of having nothing to do.

Nothing to do!! you might ask hehehe, well ever since we were little we have had these rules as a family to avoid any day-to-day activities and tasks such as using the computer, laptop, xbox etc. on a Sunday. And well we've all tried to keep within those rules unless there is any serious need to go against them. So I couldn't edit or finish photo's or anything like that so that's why I had nothing to do. 

I would have read a book but as much as I hate the snow and the cold I couldn't resist the need to take some photo's. I had a feeling that this snow wasn't going to hang around forever so immediate action was what I went with. Ringing my best friend up...yeh you guessed it...Katie Ellis, inviting her to join us. Me, Claire and Katie headed out to the Fosse Recreation Ground. 

Whilst taking some photos, I bumped into two girls making a snow man and igloo. After asking for their mother's permission, I quickly took some shots and then we moved over to the play area. Last time I took photos here it was raining and we didn't have umbrella's. But today I was back taking photo's in the snow.

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