Monday, 14 January 2013

Summer London Temple Trip's finally here! This post and the new year...2013!!!

Well hey I'm back...and I can't even think where to begin. This first term of university has flown by. With all the work I've been doing, as you know, has kept me so busy that I couldn't find time for myself, let alone processing my photos.

However I did, somehow manage to complete this series of photographs which I'm now delighted to finally share with you guys. 

Last August I had the privilege, once again, to visit the London Temple with the Glenfield Ward. It was the most beautiful summers day, blue sky, flowers in full bloom and even the common sighting of aeroplanes. The day couldn't have been spent, any better. Visiting the Temple on that day was and still is a day I will never forget.

Also I wish you a very 
Happy New Year!!!
I am certainly looking forward to sharing more of my work in up-coming posts!
So keep checking!
Once again thank you!


Katie Ellis said...

Once again an absolute FLAWLESS piece!!!! These are Stunning pictures Katie :D xx

Anonymous said...

Totally loving these pieces Kay, it makes me jealous to know that i will never get pics that good/beautiful...shucks!

Katie said...

Katie Ellis - Thank you so much!! I really and thoroughly loved editing these shots.

Anonymous - I know thats you Klayton, and thank you again. If you have the patience and practised on taking and editing shots, you never know ;) x