Sunday, 11 August 2013

Prom Princess: The Venetian Mask

Chapter 1.
The Venetian Mask

So most of you will know where this beautiful Venetian mask came from, for those of you who don't know let me tell you. For a start my sister and I are vintage collectors, we love anything old, vintage, classy and out of the ordinary. 

So two years ago during our annual family Butlins holiday, Claire spotted a collection of different and vibrant Venetian Masks hanging in one of the souvenir shops. After having our own little photo shoot, in the corner of the shop, we left. Did she buy it? I hear you say, well you would think so since there is photo evidence just below, but at the time Claire was unsure. You never know if something else will pop up, realising only then you have no money to buy that one thing you really wanted. By the end of the holiday she had spent most of her money, all that was left were a few pound coins that unfortunately didn't add up to the total cost of the Venetian mask. So that was the end of that...

...of course it wasn't. The following year we both had completely forgotten about the masks, we were both focused on our excitement for the week ahead of us. A few days into our holiday, we past that same souvenir shop. I then began to question if they were still selling the Venetian masks that they had the previous year. I grabbed my sister and headed in, scanning the place like forensic scientists looking for DNA evidence. With no results, we began making our way towards the shop doors when I saw something red and white out of the corner of my eye. Turning, I walked towards the object. There, hanging from a small shelf, hung several Venetian masks. Even though it had taken a year to decide Claire finally bought the blue Venetian mask she had previously wanted. 

A year later, ending her final year in secondary/high school. It was coming up to that time of year when all girls start planning and mums start spending. Though most girls go for the highly expensive dresses and accessories around, whilst our family prefer looking the part at half the price or even less. Now my sister isn't the type of girl who thinks that her prom night is going to be the best day of her life and frankly when I was her age I didn't either. But nonetheless if your going to attend your high school prom, you want to look your best, even if it means you have to wear a dress. But of course just like any prom there is the task of finding the 'Perfect' dress first. But that's another story!

Next Chapter.
Prom Princess: The Princess's Boutonniere 

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