Monday, 9 September 2013

Prom Princess: The Princess's Boutonniere

Chapter 2.
The Princess's Boutonniere

In attending prom all of the girls received a Boutonniere, no not a Corsage. There's not much of a story to these photos, except that the following morning I charged out of bed grabbed my camera and ran down stairs to set up a little studio for the flowers. Even though I put them in a small vase before going to bed the night before they had already started to wilt and wither away. However I thought that this helped to create the impression, tone and sense of how enjoyable Claire's prom night actually was. So in turn it was a small bonus. 

These photos represent Claire's little souvenir. Like the remains of plant secured within pages of a diary entry or a piece of confetti from a rock concert tucked away in a safe box, that when ever looked upon in the future, brings that individual flash backs and strong memories from that particular event they experienced.

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Prom Princess: The Sapphire Girl

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