Sunday, 8 December 2013

Life Is a Rollercoaster!

I can't believe we're just two and half weeks away from Christmas! The past three months have flown by. I have managed to balance my social life and personal life, making time for myself as well as getting work done. It's been quite a roller coaster, getting back into the swing of student life was quite surprisingly easy, but it wasn't long before I found myself a little stressed out and overworked. Coming towards the end of this first term, I realise that I am on schedule and so ready for the holidays.

In between all that worry, relationships and friendships have popped up out of nowhere. Though they've surprised me and caught me off guard a little, I'm excited to see what the future holds. I look back at what these past few months have given me and the people I've met and honestly I couldn't imagine life without them. I must say that I've experienced things that I never want to encounter again, but then of course there are things that I can't wait to do...even ten times over...but I guess i'll have to!

Just to make things clear...
Because of the busy bee I've become, I have had to accept that I will only be able post photos on here and social sites when I have the time! You may view 'sneak peek' shots on here or via my Facebook page, for posts that will eventually appear but I am uncertain of when. But for now bare with me and I will try to update you the best I can.

Leicesters Landscapes

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