Tuesday, 27 December 2011


Today, 23 years ago a music icon was born 
her name 

Hayley Nicole Williams

She has inspired many people including myself. 
She and many other amazing people in my life have made who I am today.

Me with my sign for Hayley's birthday twitter video. I'm also wearing my Christmas present from my dad. (the replica of Hayley's famous B.O.Y tank top)  

She's always said to 
"Be yourself" 
no matter what or where life takes you.

She's totally right it doesn't matter who you are or what you look like just be yourself. Forget those who accuse and give you hate because that's not what life is about. It's about enjoying the moments and people you love. Creating happy memories are the things I certainly look forward to in life. 

Hayley behind the camera at her dad's wedding 

One quote that's always helped me through my trials!

Hayley's motto for herself 
and others - B.O.Y

 “I have the ability… power… (whatever you want to call it)… to build myself up or tear myself down. I’ve done an incredible job at doing both. And it’s my choice which one I want to be better at….Be aware of your power. We have the choice to live positively or in our own destruction


Thought of December 2011

Never be ashamed of who you are!
Never change because someone wants you to!
and if you think you haven't found who your are well it's been standing in front of you 
the whole time. When you realise that then you can help others realise who they are.
 Just like Quinn Fabray (Glee) - 
"When you truly believe in yourself you don't need to bring other people down"

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